Oleic acid

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Oleic acid


Oleic acid constitute 55-80 % of the olive oil , although there may be only 0.5-2.5 % or more as Acid creamy actual, and 15-20 % of grape seed oil and oil Ajram sea.

Oleic acid may be responsible for the blood pressure lowering effects of olive oil . Brazilian palm contains one of the highest levels of oleic acid known in the fruit pulp 56 %

There is oleic acid ( in the form of triglycerides ) in the human diet as part of a normal animal fats and vegetable oils.

used in the form of oleic acid sodium salt as A key element role in the manufacture of soap as emulsifier .

It is also used as an emollient

use of small amounts of oleic acid as an excipient in pharmaceutical ,

oleic acid is used as a melt factor in the aerosol products .


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